Strength of our Weakness

I used to think strength was the absence of weakness. Strength is the acceptance of vulnerabilities and the beauty of their comfort.

Weakness is only what we allow to be perceived as a negative. Weakness is the strength of what we allow. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s cliche but our weaknesses are what allow us to be strong.


“The power of truth is what poisoned the root.
Hidden behind lies, cloaked in uncertainty,
A beautiful tree of righteous validity.

Still battling a centuries old war,
Closer to victory? I’m still unsure.

But I think frozen eyes are beginning to see,
The reality of our proud civility.
A greater emphasis on history needs to be planned,
So misrepresentation won’t entomb the black man.”©


Profound Statement

Why does society frown towards its most popular secrets?

Burying them deep within the most foul circumstances never to see the light of day? Always battling “the bad” while praising “the good.” Thats not called righteousness, it’s called a double standard.  Pretending something doesn’t exist never makes it disappear.

If anything suppressing a secret ensures it’ll bubble over. Taboo for you is daily life for someone else. 

Always keep your heart honest and your mind open so nothing, man or woman, can play you stupid.

“Memorial Uncertainty”

“Contemporary resistance,
of ignorant persistence.
For its easy to ignore what has been done,
when there’s so much left to do.

I love my country,
But the filth is stifling.

How do I properly celebrate,
the sacrifices of so many.
When the center of my existence,
Is simply to continue?

To not have my brains planted,
over nervous misunderstandings.
The old stereotypes, subconsciously planted.

Somehow I resemble the enemy,
Even though New Jersey, and moral serenity,
shaped, moulded, and forged my identity.”©


Let the Fire Burn

Wow. How did I never learn about this? I don’t consider myself a radical. A militant. Just a man, and fellow human being. Related to billions of others who I share a common humanity with. I’m speechless right now, this documentary has left me both brain dead and incredibly alive. A true oxymoron of both feelings and emotions.

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