“Bass Drop”

“Picking. Slowly.
So many questions.

I know she heard it.

Our frequencies were mildly in tune.
Not melodic enough for beautiful music,
but passionate enough to dance to.

Clashing only because of strong opinions, and stronger beliefs.

Food for the mind,
friendship for the heart,
fire for the soul.

The ingredients of truly great music,
let it play.”©



“Since conception humanity has been confused.
More animal than God.
Less God than plants.

Brains created by cross wiring,
Uncertain of our place in the universe,
Yet confident conquerors of our planet.

We have those who live to love,
and those who love to live.

Some who are so good it seems evil,
Other’s wearing the cape of good masking their evil.

We are such an encompassing and captivating species.
Capable of almost anything, so I sit here and ask.

What happened? What’s happening?
Why do we all seem to see,
But no one wants to hear.”©


“Am I?”

“Am I the only one who becomes a werewolf under the shining full moon?

Shedding the burdens, inner beast ripping it’s way thru layers of doubt. 

Consuming all of those wasted thoughts, trivial worries, lost to the unseen freedom of the night.

Pillaging the power of uncertainty, to harness the rage of single-mindedness until all regrets are lost. 

Am I the only one?”©


Abstract Wednesday

Has anyone else ever been around a baby/toddler/infant and just observed?

It fascinates me. They’re so busy even when sitting still, eyes observing each and every detail. Looking thru you so intently that you feel both at ease and uneasy. I always wonder what they see, especially in those moments they’re intently staring into blank space. I’m convinced these aren’t coincidences, I believe babies are consciousness defined.
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