“The power of truth is what poisoned the root.
Hidden behind lies, cloaked in uncertainty,
A beautiful tree of righteous validity.

Still battling a centuries old war,
Closer to victory? I’m still unsure.

But I think frozen eyes are beginning to see,
The reality of our proud civility.
A greater emphasis on history needs to be planned,
So misrepresentation won’t entomb the black man.”©


“Am I?”

“Am I the only one who becomes a werewolf under the shining full moon?

Shedding the burdens, inner beast ripping it’s way thru layers of doubt. 

Consuming all of those wasted thoughts, trivial worries, lost to the unseen freedom of the night.

Pillaging the power of uncertainty, to harness the rage of single-mindedness until all regrets are lost. 

Am I the only one?”©


“Blazing Love”

“Love doesn’t see color.
Only the raw emotion,
Of passionate adoration.

Love doesn’t understand judgement.
Only the endearing eyes,
Of a beautiful soul.

Love doesn’t see status.
Only the unwavering potential,
Of everything you’ve ever wanted.

Love is fire.
Consuming everything in its path,
Me and you included.”©



“It’s easy to be apart of the problem,
casually sidestepping the ugly,
allowing that nonchalance of indifferent emotions.

Thinking to yourself I’m just a small cog,
Within the great machine.

But to be apart of the solution,
reflecting the change you want to see in this world,
That is power. That is vibrations.

Understand that the smallest ripples,
are the foundation of every wave.”©


Odd Love Confession [*edit]

“The unconditional love is,
the rhythm of love.

Love isn’t a chase,
love is the dream.

Being loved, brings magic.
Yearning love uncovers tragedy.

Fire brewed loves creation,
ice forged loves heartache.

Love ignites our passion,
blinding painful love everywhere.”©

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Power Philosophy

“I remember you was conflicted,
Misusing your influence,
Sometimes I did the same.

Abusing my power full of resentment,
Resentment that turned into a deep depression.

Found myself screaming in a hotel room,
I didn’t want to self-destruct
The evils of Lucy was all around me.
So I went running for answers.”

—Kendrick Lamar

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“Slowly it drips,
First a tear, then a river.

Energy, power, your soul encapsulated.

Contemplate stopping it,
but blissful recklessness has already captured you.

Your life force collecting,
a shapeless, nameless, amoeba of heat and positivity.

Finally accepting the struggle is over,
Freedom blazing over the horizon.”