“Out of Sight”

“The fragility of stability.
Ever changing, always evolving,
A metaphorical volcanic landscape.

Molten lava where there once was ground,
Streaming fast towards your scenic town.

Chaos, and distress flood the mind,
While untouched tranquility climbs and climbs.

For the beauty of volcanic destruction to be seen,
We must forget the short term, see beyond the scene.

Stability is uncertain is what I’m trying to say,
But remember a volcano gives,
Not just takes away.”©


Waynes Brain. Vol. 8

Man didn’t invent automobiles just for convenience. That undermines the entire idea of create.

We create for a purpose. Strict. Cause and effect. Problem and solution.

So with that mind state ponder this. How do you think the originator of the guitar would feel if his amazing musical instrument was only used one way throughout history?

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“What else do you know can handle itself like this?
You’ll find me at the top of the highest mountains,
And Earths’ deepest ocean rifts.

Not only do I survive, but I’ve evolved to thrive.
Thru frigid and fiery temperatures, even lifes’ drought like conditions.

Try drowning me, I’ll just grow and grow.
Metaphorically speaking I’m no joke.”



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