“Old Flame”

“Her thighs were my life.

Pulling every fantasy out of my imagination, and into our passionate reality.

Every kiss,
a new flame igniting us.

I miss the warmth of her brown-eyed stare,
drowning me with each thrust.

She may have known others,
but none like me.

I miss being deep inside,
the moans both whispered and screamed into each ear.

An inferno between my queens legs,
engulfing me,
into serenity.”©


“Tea Dreams”

“As the president of your fan club I can actually say, your influence is so great that it has changed my way.

Your passion is engulfing,
and always spreading.
Your wisdom is enlightening,
and your intelligence is deadly.

To truly express the qualities you display could literally take all day.

A radiance only true beauty can emanate,
flowing thru curves only the most high could create.

Sexy and hilarious,
bold and gregarious,
battling the injustices of tyranny,
and all that’s nefarious.

You are a dream in the sea of nightmares,
you are the hope that this world must share.”©