“End of Iz”

“She is,
or she was,
the highlight.

It’s obvious I miss you,
but I can’t ever diss you.

Be the change you wish to see in this world Iz.
that’s what we, as humanity, need.

Sometimes the heart must accept defeat,
A one and done of mental beats.

I was fighting for my trial,
but those arrows of denial,
have finally pierced my survival.

Time to live…”©


“12:58 am”

“At the right time in the wrong place.

Not sure what my issue is.
Why my head bounced off the diving board,
into the deep end.

Seems like I’m back now,
but the heart is so capable.

One instant you’re moving thru life;
train’s chugging along,
coasting thru the turns,

and then your heart shows up.

Out goes the conductor,
now your train has officially gone rouge.

Love is truly my greatest, and the greatest, inspiration.

Novels will be written about you,
your memory will never die, that’s a promise.

Until then,
never change,
I already love you how you are.”©


“Blazing Love”

“Love doesn’t see color.
Only the raw emotion,
Of passionate adoration.

Love doesn’t understand judgement.
Only the endearing eyes,
Of a beautiful soul.

Love doesn’t see status.
Only the unwavering potential,
Of everything you’ve ever wanted.

Love is fire.
Consuming everything in its path,
Me and you included.”©