“Mothers Mother”

“Universal synergy,
Authoring the path of humanities’ energy.

Scienctist say: What has been always was.
But our species continues to rise above.

For some it’s privilege,
and others hard work.
Either drives the powers at be berserk.

The point isn’t our species,
or monetary gain.
A materialistic reign, or a lavish domain.

We must give back to the mother of all our mothers. Mothering every mother. Every father, sister and brother.

The Earth is alive and it’s our duty to protect it.
We’ve understood too much, for too long,
and still continue to wreck it.”©


Global Warming

“As environmentalist Bill McKibben pointed out in an influential 2012 piece for Rolling Stone magazine, titled “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math,” the planet has already warmed 0.8 degrees, and the carbon dioxide we have already emitted is set to warm it another 0.8, which means that, even without burning another hydrocarbon molecule, we are three-quarters of the way to our limit.”

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Still Dumping. Really!?

” the amount of plastic that entered the oceans in the year measured, 2010, might be as little as 4.8 million metric tons or as much as 12.7 million…

The paper’s middle figure of eight million, she said, is the equivalent of “five plastic grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world ”

-Jenna Jambeck

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“Sun King”

“Standing on our big blue planet,
watching the brilliant sun above.
Molded in destruction, raised in annihilation,
A billion year old journey of love.

Someday, many moons from now,
When our names are a memory.
Our bright orange sun will change,
Like us, it too has an end of days.

The last act of a desperate king,
Growing in size until it can’t sustain a thing.
A white dwarf, basking in former glory,
Reduced to memory, a novel story.”


“Cruel Irony” [*edit]

“Earth. Our home the only place we’ve known. Yet somehow not one lesson learned.

If only our world, was as “dignified” as our zone. The location of our beds, the place we rest our heads. Spotless, clean, neurotoxin free.

Still yet to see a residence, trashed with such evidence of our oceans, or neighborhoods.
Biproducts of man, literring and poisoning the land.

If only our yards, could be as spotless as our carpets. You’d never cut your water, or power lines, but quickly ravage a forest for my fast food shrine.”