“Wizard of Iz”

“Laying here pondering…

Hows and whys,
rattling around my mind.

I don’t want you to go,
truly I hope you stay.
I want to steal your time away.

There’s something in you,
that I aspire for myself.
God chose to design you like nobody else.

When the time comes I hope you’ll let me in, allowing this epic new journey to begin.

Still if this little taste is how it will end, never forget how incredible you are my friend.

This world is your oyster,
and you have all of the tools.
Remember the magic of your spirit,
cannot ever be subdued.

Risk is standing over your shoulder,
hiding your golden reward.
but if you stick with me,
we will create our own door.

I promise.”©



Energy is a byproduct of every living and organic thing on this planet. Even inanimate objects produce some type of energy such as the way burning coal provides heat. In an earlier post I stated how I am not an overtly religious man. Extremely spiritual with deep beliefs and a support of morals and ethics, but never a traditional go to church preach the benefits of my religion to others kind of guy.

Subjugating, or forcing yourself, to only seeing one view makes you blindly ignorant to the big picture and I refuse to be that way.

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