“Yin Yang”


“Within darkness there is light.
Hidden in light, darkness festers.

Sadness makes us yearn for happy.
Happiness can be manipulated by sad.

Love is the inspiration for hate.
Understanding hate is the only way to love.

Balancing these opposites is vital for life.
Embracing one, not the other, brings strife.”©


Thanks to my good friend Brian for drawing me a yin yang. Super talented guy with a great heart, I can’t show my appreciation enough.

2 thoughts on ““Yin Yang”

  1. If I may share – Consider this example –
    When I look at the brightest of the bright light, what do I see?
    When I look at the darkest of the darkness, what do I see?
    In both cases I personally see “Nothing”, I am blinded by both. So they are not separate as two parts making the whole but each of them are whole individually and together.
    The only thing that is separating is the accepted perception of the perceiver. My acceptance that they are separate.

    So is the nature of the opposites, when I see light as the opposite of darkness, I see light though my filter of darkness, so one exists in relationship to the other part/side of my filter, the other side of my accepted perception of that which I am observing and thus the notion of balance.

    If I really want to find out, I must take one completely and be it and then, maybe then I may come across a very different perception of life that the life that make up the opposites 🙂

    Take what resonates and if not, please toss it away!
    Thank you for letting me share 🙂

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    1. Toss it away? What? Never, this was awesome and exactly why I even write. The expression is a release, but the abstract conversations that come is the true magic of poetry.

      Personally I agree with your idea that the “filters,” of light and darkness come with their own perceptions and realities. Only when we can see and absorb life thru one, will we be able to appreciate the true value and meaning of the other.

      Thank you so much for this, truly it meant a lot. You’ve given me something to ponder about this afternoon and for that I am extremely grateful.

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